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& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp;?] [Chinese shoes network affected by the financial crisis, Nike closed China Vietnam and Thailand, a number of shoe factories, the plan will be part of the order the transfer of production to Indonesia. Currently, the company has five shoe companies in Indonesia ordered 300 million pairs of shoes, a total of $ 45 million. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp;? Budi Yiermawan Indonesian Ministry of Industry officials recently said Nike's orders will be implemented within this year. He also said that Nike has promised that this year will order 55 million pairs of sports shoes, a total of $ 1.3 billion. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; However, Yiermawan also said that despite Nike's orders received, b cheap jordan shoes for men ut the Indonesian footwear industry still faces many obstacles, including the need to import from abroad, rubber, plastics , leather and other raw materials. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp;? General Chairman of the Indonesian Footwear Association, Eddie K check ng that the Indonesian shoe-making enterprises difficult to obtain bank loans, for which companies want to get government support. shoes fabric decided popular; according to the development trend of shoes fabric; after 2008, leather development is more and more tend to the following aspects: ecological concept to the development of ecological leather leather includes the following four aspects: first, ecological leather in the manufacturing cheap jordans for sale process does not bring environmental pollution; second, add into harmless process leather; third, in the process of using harmless to the human body, no pollution to the environment; fourth, can be biodegradable, and the degradation products on the environment will not produce new pollution. In the production process, the leather industry will pay more attention to the application of cleaner production technology, which requires the development of green chemicals and pollution-free process, and pay attention to recycling and recycling process. close are applied to the field of leather to high-tech ultrasonic technology, electronic technology, microwave and high technology, nanotechnology will be a Retro jordans for sale pplied to the tanning process of leather, the design and manufacture of a great impact. For example, sonic technology can make leather more uniform, and can make the enzyme transferable, or it can reduce the waste of leather. Ultrasonic technology more easily penetrate into the leather, the Sichuan University in this area was also studied, and achieved initial success, the application of nanotechnology in leather, will gradually expand, the Sichuan University and the University of Shaanxi has been explored, and achieved initial results, such as the development of the nano tanning agent. special leather application at present, the special effects are already on the market are mainly leather wrinkle Cheap air jordan 12 ovo s (cracking) leather, milled leather, brush off effect leather, leather, leather, pearl extinction fluorescent effect leather, leather, imitation pearl shining color effect old effect leather, crystal leather (imitation, lighting) the effect of leather, leather, frosted Lizard Leather, suede discoloration etc.. Transplantation of flowers, such as grasping Zhahua, batik, tie dye, hollow, carved into the leather industry electronic technology in textile industry and other industries, the production of special effect leather has become a trend. sports become the main theme of shoes popular although there is no fixed program, but from the current trend, leisure sports is the main style, to bound life cheap jordans for sale mens attitude so that more people are willing to easily walk in every place. This year is the Olympic year, and sports will become the main theme of the year. Under the influence of this environment, shoes of sports and leisure will lead the trend further. it is worth mentioning that there are a combination of leather shoes and casual shoes two kinds of production process, in the comfort, appearance of leather, color and other aspects of the new concept of comprehensive sports shoes shoes of various strengths. Sports shoes stand for fashion, sport and leisure. As a product of market segmentation and product innovation, experts predict that it will be the next fashion trend. )Earlier we mentioned Nike Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping Kobe for the building of the tenth generation of boots will be officially released in February, followed by ASG and Green Vino color have exposure, today it was a Blue Lagoon color surfaced, I believe that in February on the site must make you too busy to attend to all. A large area of the shoe body and breathable material covered in blue as the new main tone, flanking the Swoosh by a black trim, finally with shock absorption design of the new show. nike-kobe-x-10-blue-lagoon.jpg (162.27 KB, download number: 9) download Nike Kobe 10 Blue Lagoon Launch Trailer 2015-1-17 09:30 uploadKumar Gupta, executive director of the Neeraj India Trade Promotion Organization (ITPO), said the India leather industry cheap foamposites expects exports to grow by 18% in the current fiscal year, but is expected to grow by around 10% in the next fiscal year. India's exports of leather and leather products are likely to slow down in 2012-13, due to sluggish European market demand. , at the Seventeenth International Leather Products Exhibition (ILGF), said that by the end of the fiscal year, India's leather sector was expected to reach $4 billion 500 million, up from $3 billion 800 million in exports in the previous fiscal year. Exports, however, will be less than the expected $4 billion 700 million target. The overall leather market in India is estimated at $8 billion, of which about $4 billion 500 million is exported. Leather shoes and cheap jordans online footwear make up about 47% of India's overall leather exports, while other leather products account for about 28%. At the same time, India leather industry is also exploring other markets, such as Japan, Africa, Southeast Asia, South Korea and Latin america. Paresh Rajda, regional president of the Export Council (CLE), said that the West Asia market is currently affected by Chinese leather products, which are usually machine made leather products. Until recently, Europe was the only largest destination for leather exports in India, but other markets, such as Latin America and the United States, are beginning to pick up again. He added that they are still trying to penetrate the Southeast Asian market, Cheap air jordans for sale the current Chinese products dominate the Southeast Asian market. (ze (Editor Editor: Qiu AI) Member States of the European Union passed a formal anti-dumping program on Chinese leather shoes in October 4th with a small majority of votes. According to this scheme, the European Union has imposed a 16.5% anti-dumping duty on Chinese leather shoes since October 7th, for a period of two years. It is understood that the European Union anti-dumping program will make Fujian 300 shoes enterprises damaged, involving up to 68 million U. S. dollars. October 24th is one disaster after another, the European Parliament passed a resolution, a total ban on PFOS (PFOS) in the use of commodities, the transit Retro jordans for sale ion period of the ban for 18 months. The ban also has a big impact on Fujian shoes exports to the European Union, after which PFOS was widely used in leather shoes, textiles and other manufacturing fields. in addition to the EU's trade barriers, the shoe industry is also facing the rising cost of labor, raw materials, energy prices rise "," international trade disputes multiple "and" trade growth mode and the adjustment of industrial structure and multiple pressure. exit road more difficult; Fujian shoe prices go from here? "The industry must be a large-scale reshuffle, and good enterprises will seek a way out through industrial transfer and brand name, poor enterprises need to be eliminated."." In November 14th, Pan Yangzheng, deputy secretary-general of the chamber of Commerce for footwear import and export of Fujian Province, made an assessment in an interview. industry transfer imperative; "the same is 800 yuan, here we can only pay a worker a month's salary, and in Vietnam can pay 4 people's wages.". In addition to the high labor costs, since last year, the RMB continued to appreciate (in November 13th the central parity of RMB exchange rate of 7.8644, a record high since the exchange rate reform). So far, since the currency reform, the RMB has appreciated by more than 3.12% Preferential policies, such as export tax rebates, tend to be high-tech, and labor intensive industries are not protected. Energy prices, such as coal and electricity, continue to rise......" accordingly, Pan Yangzheng predicted: "shoes such labor-intensive enterprises, industrial transfer will be irreversible."!" He said, from the world point of view, the footwear industry shifted from Europe and the United States and other developed countries to South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, and then transferred from these places to the mainland. With the rising labor costs, Fujian enterprises will continue to maintain their original cost advantages, and they will only carry out industrial transfer. There are two trends in industrial transfer, one is to move to the northwest, the other is to go out to Vietnam, Kampuchea, Philippines and India (two)Jordan Brand Classic 2012 annual Charlotte Kasai 2013-12-08 22:05:25 Air Jordan Classic is one of the year's highest level of high school competition. It attracts a large number of young people involved, under a high. Where this game was called the golden house, that show you the direction of legendary players on the tournament. & nbsp; participating in the tournament are the sport's most promising athletes, every year to attract a large number of media reports. The Jordan Brand will also provide excellent sports equipment for this event. We can see that the University of blue and orange campaign replaced the previous hot ash and cement cool color in training.

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