We have extensive experience in organizing and maintaining large projects.

We approach individual to each project as a unique, all details are considered together with the customer, bringing the best technical and economical solution.

We offer:

  • Full Technical assistance
  • Assistance in setting up equipment used to provide services
  • Organization and maintenance of a corporate network
  • An integrated range of services for individual offices
  • Integration into a single process data transmission network (voice, data, video) geographically dispersed facilities of client


Utilizing its unique network between Asia and Europe, the Eastward Solution offers connectivity services based on IP and SDH infrastructure. Through our fibre network, we connect China, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia and Germany. The service delivers optimal and guaranteed connectivity. The target is a class of customers who need reliability and continuity of the Internet service that is critical to their business.


Eastward Solution offers the most competitive rates and the best service to access the Internet, based on the individual needs and customer requests.

Advantages of connection via a dedicated line:

  • trouble-free connection to the Internet;
  • Guaranteed data rate when connected over a dedicated channel;
  • reliability of data transmission and reception;